A Gift Guide: Small Businesses


Because we have only a few days until the holidays, I wanted to produce as many gift guides as I could for you guys. I really want Sans-Sherif to include my soon-to-be-wife. 13 days ’till we wed, but who’s counting?

This list is produced by her and she’s so excited to share what she has her eye on this month. Supporting local businesses is important to both of us and this post features only gifts from independent retailers. Though you may not have the same stores we do, I’m sure you have a wonderful brick and mortar that could use your loving this holiday season.


The Ultimate '90s Block Party-2.png
FROM THE TOP LEFT: Blue Q Shoulder Tote ($7.49) // Fire Cider Tonic ($16) // Crispina Flag Poster ($25) // On Centre towel ($14) // Herschel Roy Wallet  ($25) // On Centre Mug ($15) // Sitting Dog Sculpture ($40)

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