Holiday Gift Guide: On a Budget


I know Christmas is around the corner, but I wanted to share some ideas that you would have no problem getting before the holiday’s. Online shipping at this time of year is generally unreliable when it comes to ship times and I know a lot of online stores have either stopped orders or warned that there is no guarantee for pre-Christmas shipping. Brick & mortar stores may be a thing of the past, but I wanted to share some items that you could get in a town near you as the clock ticks down to Christmas. Even if you can’t find the exact ones, these are a few ideas to get you on the right track:

The Ultimate '90s Block Party.png
FROM TOP LEFT: Anthropologie Candle ($30) // Gap scarf ($20) // Women ($14.95) // Just Breathe Spa Gift from Knack ($70) // Acrylic West Elm Frames ($13-$20)

If you live in Boston, here is a list of my favorite small business stores to shop from:

Olives & Grace
Brookline Booksmith
Seven Stars

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