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What I Wore: 12/14/18

I decided that I wanted to incorporate more what I wore posts into this blog, since I haven’t done something like that since my first blog, which was also a fashion blog, 5 years ago. I used to focus more on what I wore (mostly designer brands) and less on how they made me feel, but ever since I completed Style School I’ve thought much more about how a certain piece of clothing or accessory makes me feel and less about the brand. Thrifting has been a wonderful way for me to shop, try on new trends, and change my mind when it comes to my style without breaking the bank. Yesterday, is one example of an outfit that made me feel confident, comfortable, and like I could conquer my Friday exactly how I wanted to.

Here’s what I started with:

A dress (thrifted) by Asos. I’ve never owned clothing by them before, but when I thrifted this grey shift dress I never it would be a piece I wore again and again.

I threw on a pair of leggings (mine are from Uniqlo, however I am looking for a pair that stays up without sucking me in and feels comfy enough 5 hours later as they do an hour after walking out the door).

Over that, I layered a sweater I thrifted from Savers. If you’ve never been to Savers, it’s worth the trip. I always find gems at a great price point, plus it’s a great place to donate clothing, furniture, really anything I don’t use, but think deserves a second life. The sweater falls asymmetrically, closing with a big shiny button. It’s a deep red, which is one of my soul colors and makes me feel like my best self.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 11.06.32 PM.png

I added earrings (purchased through X on Instagram), a vintage mini green lantern necklace (purchased at Brooklyn’s Crossroads Trading), and a green knitted hat from J.Crew that I bought with tags on Poshmark for a steal.

Though, the temperatures were actually pretty high yesterday, I still felt cozy and like I could focus on the tasks ahead without feeling like I was half-showing up or tugging at something that didn’t sit right. Recently, my energy has been way down, but one thing I’ve been striving to do every day is get dressed. No matter what, I think getting dressed helps me put my best foot forward and show-up anyway, even when, and especially if, I feel exhausted and/or under the weather.

Below, are a few affordable items I found on the web that resonate with me and my outfit yesterday. Another fun way to find something like I wore, is to challenge yourself to head to your local thrift store and find an item that makes you feel the same way.

Stay bold,


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