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Power Beads and Why YOU Need a Pair

The other day my partner and I went to Savers to thrift. My favorite part of my trips to the thrift stores are checking out the awesome accessories. Hunting for treasure is something I really enjoy doing and I typically find some awesome things. I’ve been wanting to find big purple beads to add to my wardrobe and on the racks as we checked out I spied the best pair!


They were $4 and I’m completely smitten. They’re huge and distinct and make me feel like I’m dressing-up for no good reason other than because I can (which is a pretty good darn reason if you think about it). I loved styling them yesterday for a gift exchange at our apartment. I wore a thrifted Lula Roe skirt, grey leggings, and a Loft black blouse. At first I thought, I can’t wear that blouse because it’s too nice for a late afternoon shindig at home, but then I heard Stasia (my style goddess) saying, “Too nice? Who made that rule?” and I bought the top on and felt instantly 100% dressed-up.

What I’m learning about my own personal style is that I can feel like my best self in clothes that others may feel are “too much” or “too fancy” and the times that I choose just comfort over comfort and confidence I feel sluggish, run-down, and inadequate. I promise there is something to investing in your wardrobe, especially when it’s a $4 investment at the thrift store.

My pink power beads are ready to take me into my last week as an unwed lady and I can’t wait to see how I style them next.

Here’s a challenge: find the boldest necklace you can next time you’re at the thrift store and wear it the very next day! Let me know in the comments how you felt.

Stay bold,


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