Give the Gift of Coffee (Mugs)


Just enjoying my first cup in bed while writing this post! Not seen = suitcase heap, unmade bed, and dog toys.

I’ve always been a big coffee drinker. I love coffee, I love taking time to drink it, and I really love collecting mugs. I used to have a huge collection, but ever since we’ve moved I really paired it down. Right now, I have one thrifted mug, an Anthropologie mug, and a mug that reads “f*ck that” on it. I’ve linked the two I can (and I always suggest checking your local thrift store for mug options from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s).

Below are a few cute ones that would be easy to obtain before Christmas (some Starbucks sell Bando ones and Anthro usually has a few styles in stock as well as local bookstores and Barnes & Noble)! It would be fun to also gift your favorite type of coffee alongside the mug.

We’re getting so close guys and I am really excited to be with my partner, my soon to be family, and of course, see what is in my stocking.

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