Pittsfield Day One: Check-in & Unpack + Christmas PJs

For the next 5 days my partner, my pup, and I will be staying in Pittsfield. About a two-hour drive from Boston, this is a special place to both of us: Kit’s friends and family live here and this is where we will get married on the 26th. It’s incredibly beautiful in the Berkshires and I love meeting new people here. We got here at about 3:00 p.m. and checked in. I’ll share where we stayed once we leave, but in the meanwhile I took some photos of the room. It’s gorgeous here! I especially love the claw-foot bathtub.

I’ve always loved to unpack right away when it comes to vacationing. I despise packing, but I love getting situated in a hotel room and really making sure it feels like home for the next few days. I tend to try to pack with a “less is more” philosophy, but since we drove here, I didn’t feel too bad packing a bit more. I also make sure to bring my art supplies for gratitude lists, a few books, and crystals. One of the other things I really like about this hotel is their Harney & Sons tea supply (it’s my favorite brand of tea) and I love having a cup while I wind down for the evening.

This week is about my partner and me, but it’s also about celebrating Christmas as a family. I bought matching PJs for all three of us from Hanna Andersson and I absolutely adore them! I’m wearing mine right now. They’re super comfy and I think they look cute. Are you a Christmas PJ fan?

Happy night before Christmas Eve!

Stay bold,


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