Pittsfield Day Four: Wedding Day!

My bouquet and Kit’s boutonniere are from Township Four! They do wonderful arrangements.

Wednesday was our wedding day!

Kit and I eloped in Pittsfield by the lake in a beautiful ceremony led by her best friend. We had 6 people in attendance including us and it was truly perfectly us.

A little bit blurry, but the moment I put her ring on her finger was amazing. It finally felt r e a l.

Though I can’t believe it’s over (people are right when they say it goes by in a blink of an eye), I’m looking forward to our spring celebration with more friends and family and I am so excited to share some photos from our day in this post.

Isn’t her smile everything?

I was comfortable, felt confident, and happy and we ended the evening by playing Scrabble with my sister-in-law and future sis-in-law, laughing, and looking at our wedding photos. One of my favorites was the above awkward photo! It’s very us, so awkward, and so perfectly imperfect.

Our rings are from Rebekah Brooks in Boston! They do an amazing job refinishing antique jewelry, making unique pieces, and have awesome customer service. LGBTQ friendly for sure!

I don’t really know how to write about our big day yet, so for now I’m sharing some photos as well as some details about my ring stack (which I am so loving).

My rings are my antique diamond engagement ring (not pictured) which was refurbished, this diamond band, as well as a platinum hammered one, and Kit has a gold band with a special inscription from me.

Tomorrow, I’ll post about a big together purchase we just made as well as some outfit pieces I especially loved and found useful on my trip. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday night.

Kit’s friend who married us lit a candle to symbolize fire (so all four elements were featured) as well as our eternal love. These small details made the day and feel memorable now.
A close-up of my boquet
The lake. Isn’t is picturesque? 
My “I can’t believe this is real face!” Also, you can see my engagement ring better here as well as the full stack on my finger.


Though, I realized I didn’t take a full-length outfit photo, I wore this jumpsuit from Loft which was so comfortable and I felt, sexy, as well as these earrings (but in another color which is no longer on their website) which my friend gave to me for Christmas. My daily wrist stack is from Yearly Co.

PS: Does anyone love essential oils? I just fell head over heals for a specific company and I’m sharing more this week. Look out for that post to hit right before the New Year.

Stay bold,


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