Pittsfield, Days Five, Six, and Seven: A New Car, Essential Oils, and Bluegrass

The last three days of our trip were a blur.

We got home late last night. We purchased a car together. We listened to live bluegrass and ate the most delicious tapas at Mission. And I bought my first set of essential oils as well as a diffuser. Once they get here, I’m planning on doing a blog post on how I use them and how we want to use essential oils in our home.

The car was definitely one of the most exciting purchases we’ve made as a couple and is something we’re excited to use to both re-teach me how to drive (I’m from NY, it didn’t seem too important to upkeep my driving/any reason for it once I got my license at 21) and to expand our family at some point. The car is also way big enough for comfy road tripping (hello trip to Canada this week) and has an awesome audio system (oh, and cup holders, I love the cup holders).

As far as essential oils, I’m now a member of Young Living and I am obsessed. The essential oils all smelled good to me, as well as learning more about the brand from someone who has been really involved with them for quite some time. Anyway, check them out and if you’re interested in getting involved in the business side of things or just placing an order I can hook you up!

I’m going to share today’s outfit because I honestly don’t remember the last three days of what I wore (is marriage brain a thing?).

Anyway, today I wanted comfortable, cool, and confident, so my partner actually reminded me I have these well-fitting skinny jeans (like the ones linked but not exact, I couldn’t find mine) from Loft in my closet, as well as a striped tee I wear at least once a week (also Loft), and an amazing pink fisherman sweater (thrifted). I added sneakers (from Vince– pricy, but worth it– and I may buy another pair in a different color because they’re cozy and cute) as well as a necklace I love (made sustainably from my Causebox this winter) and a bracelet that was a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law (you can use essential oils with it and right now Egyptian Goddess is my jam). That’s it! Below are some outfit ideas to get my outfit for less and always remember to shop locally and thrift when you can.

Stay bold,


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