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A Sunday At Home

My home. As messy as it may be. It’s mine.

Oh man does it feel good to be home. It almost feels better because I know we have a trip coming up at the end of the week. I’m really soaking in ease (my word of the year for 2019) this morning. I’ve been listening to The Unruffled Podcast, making my gratitude list, and breathing through my almost 50 days of sobriety. I’m breathing. I’m here.

Today, I may not get dressed for a while or I may, but either way I’m still loving my Gap pajamas I purchased recently (they’re sold-out but similar options are listed below). I’m really digging them and I’m sharing a few of my favorite sweatpants below. Sometimes it’s okay to just hang out without the pressure of getting dressed, styling an outfit, or worrying about what I should be doing and/or wearing. For now, I’m comfortable (and I’m trying to be okay with that word). Comfortable does not = defeat for me. Comfortable = calm, my best self, ease. Comfortable = home. And, sometimes, comfortable = clothes and as a fashion blogger sometimes I have shame about saying that (I always have).

But, in 2019 I’m putting down the self-doubt and celebrating me: the comfortable sides, the confident sides, the all out sexy sides. I’m not worrying about your side of the street, I’m just strolling down mine. Or at least, I’m trying to.

That’s all for today. I hope you’re having a beautiful day, getting excited for the New Year, but also enjoying the end of 2018.

Stay bold,


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