My Word of The Year for 2019

I took this photo at the beach in Southie. The ocean/shore relationship felt emblematic of my word.

Today’s post is a little different. I wanted to update you on some of my plans and routines I’ll be implementing this month as well as share my word of the year and the meaning behind it. In years past, I’ve picked a word of the year, but by February, the word had gone by the wayside, as well as my resolutions. This year, I’m trying to stay on top of the goals I set for myself, so I picked a word that would ultimately be very hard to ignore.


…is my word of the year for 2019. This word came to me after I’d thought I had found a good word. I was reading through this week’s worksheets for Style School’s Two-Week Tune-Up, (a great program if you’ve already been through SS which you can learn about here). Stasia talked about choosing a word that you could feel in your bones. That word. The one you already know to be true. Merriam-Webster defines perseverance as:

[the] continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition : the action or condition or an instance of persevering: STEADFASTNESS

I chose perseverance for the following reasons:

  • Because I’m done quitting
  • Because sometimes (usually) “done” is better than “perfect”
  • Because life is hard, but so am I
  • Because the best things I’ve ever gotten come from lots of hard work
  • The easy stuff doesn’t usually yield the best results
  • In the face of opposition, I’m a stubborn boss and I need to remember this when it comes to self-opposition (as in my own self is getting in my damn way)
  • The shimmer of new (a new thing, new program, new routine) will dull around 2 weeks. The magic happens in week 5.
  • Keep going.


One of the cards from my new tarot deck. PC: U.S. Games Systems

In other news, I’m implementing the following routines/mindsets into my every day this month:

  • 1-minute visualization of how I want my day to go when I first wake-up
  • Pull one tarot card from my new 2019 deck, Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot by Lana Zillner
    • Stay accountable by posting my card on Instagram with an intuitive (as in, this is what I think of the card vs. the book’s description) response under the hashtag: #HKSTarot2019
  • Paint and write a daily gratitude list and post it under #HKSGratitudes2019
  • Blog!!! This is an important one and one of the more essential ones since I want to turn this space into a business at some point thus I need to be consistent with my content and connecting with you all!
  • Reflect before bed using Daily Reflections on Addiction, Yoga, and Getting Well and saving them in a highlights tab on Instagram
  • *Use Instagram to keep me accountable and not as a way to feel like I am not adding up or need to buy more or be more. It is a tool, not a measuring stick.
  • Read. Read. Read. Read.
  • Complete Style School’s Two-Week Tune-Up. Complete it. Persevere through the part of me that wants to give-up within the first few days.
  • Go to regular A.A. meetings and talk to people
  • Make deadlines and stick to them, i.e., take my writing seriously, as well as my blogging. If I want them to be my “work” I need to WORK at them.

My new InnerGuide Planner alongside my favorite pens (Stabilo and Muji) and my adorable Erin Flett pencil-case.

Here is a list of some of the tools I am using this year to keep my head in the game (did anyone else love that movie?) and stay on my track:

  • Year in Review Tarot Spread:
    • I am planning on using my new tarot deck, Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot, to do my first ever Year in Review Tarot Spread. I want to have a guide for every month.
  • InnerGuide Planner:
    • Check-in regularly and track my deadlines, appointments, and goals in my InnerGuide planner.
    • Complete my week in review and reflection boxes every Sunday.
    • If you get the planner you’ll see what I mean, but if you’re interested maybe I can do a video? Leave me a comment below if you are.
  • Boston Public Library:
    • A free resource for books which will help me this year since I am on a self-inflicted book ban. I have close to 50 unread books that I currently own and there are BPLs all over Boston to enjoy if I need a new book.
  • My toolbox
    • Use the essential oils, crystals, and tea I carry around with me when I start to feel anxious, overwhelmed, unwilling, etc.

Alright, this blog post has sufficiently overwhelmed me, but it’s also kind of neat to see all of the basics I have planned for this year laid out. It’s also nice to know I can return to this post if I start to stray and need a reminder of what my basics are and why I think they’ll help me. Maybe they’ll even help you, too!

Stay bold,


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