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All Mixed Up: Patterns, Textures, Oh My!

This smile is brought to you by congruency. 

I am currently on day 3 of a Style School reboot with Stasia Savasuk.

Today, I wanted to wear at least one new thing I thrifted over the weekend. I decided to go with a J.Crew button-down and layered it with a patterned tank top underneath, and a thick white cardigan over it. I added two pieces of jewelry that were handmade. It was the perfect outfit to wear for a beach walk, allowed the soft sea air to get to my neck, and made me feel stylish, cool, and collected on the second day of the year.

I wanted to write a little bit about what my process is like especially because I seem to think it’s easier for everybody else. (Spoiler alert: it’s not easier for everyone else.) I see so many amazing women dressing fiercely and finely on the internet, but oftentimes want to know more about how they got the outfit together in the first place.

From ears to legs: Earrings by Treeline and Tride, Tank, Button-down and Cardigan thrifted from Savers, Pants by Loft.  

What I learned today while mixing three patterns I’d usually say don’t go together is this: my intuition is also a stylist! Did you know this? Your intuition is probably one, too. I went into my closet with a slight idea of what I wanted to wear. I kept going to the mirror and nothing felt right…until it did. I loved the way this outfit felt. I loved how it fit. I loved the jewelry I chose to go with it (designers are linked in the captions). But most importantly, I loved the process. But, full disclosure: I only loved the process once I got the result. I think, there’s a lesson in there, to love the process because of the result. To trust yourself that if you keep adjusting, keep trying to get it right, that, eventually, you will.

Bracelet is from Scout  and necklace is from Larking

I chose to stay in the blue color family, but I also think a pop of a contrasting color might look nice. Below, I offer three different mixed-pattern outfit combos below for your inspiration! Have fun.

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