Friday Finds

Money Talk & Bringing Back “Friday Finds”

I might also include a four-photo recap of my day on Friday’s. From L to R: Me, pre-therapy, drinking coffee + the view as we drove towards Vermont, my daily tarot pull + tonight’s sunset

I did a series on my last fashion blog called Friday Finds which I really liked doing. It was a bit of a brain break for me once a week, while also allowing me to share some of my favorite products with you.

On Sans-Sherif, I’m trying to be super conscious of only sharing products with you I actually use. The ones in today’s post are some of my favorite and most of them I have on vacation currently!

The poncho listed below is a similar item because I thrifted the one I’m loving and the tarot deck is a different artist than mine, (though my Eight of Coins Tarot Deck is also by a tattoo artist and I’ve done quite lot of research on the one I’m sharing below).

I know I share quite a few products with you all, but ultimately it’s me just trying to share either the things I love and use or sharing similar and affordable, (as well as some splurge-worthy), items to what I’m wearing and using. I never want you to think I’m trying to sell something to you and that’s why I think it’s really important I’m transparent when I do list products at the bottom of my page or do posts like Friday Finds.

I’m ultimately trying to make life a little easier for you and I’m also trying to build my business and brand by continuing to share other brands I’ve come to know and love. I link my product widgets through ShopStyle Collective which is a website that allows bloggers to make commission off of a reader’s purchase. Your price doesn’t change, but you afford me a little extra pocket-money and ultimately, could help me build Sans-Sherif into a profitable brand.

Obviously, there are many ways to go about it, but 2019 is the year I make money and be honest about wanting to. I want to make more money, so I can support my family, but also share the love with others. I always try to donate a few extra bucks here and there and host giveaways here and on my Instagram feed and I plan on doing bigger and better ones this year as I become more profitable and able to do so.

I’m trying to be fiscally responsible and also completely honest with the universe (and YOU) that I want more work and I want to continue doing what I love– this– even if it makes sense to no one or people think I should be doing other things with my time. Maybe this is TMI, but I know I never shy away from the truth even when it’s uncomfortable). I also know that my truth could help someone else who is just starting out with blogging or otherwise. Money talk is so hard, but if we don’t ask for what we need, we may never know that the universe was conspiring to give it to us all along or that there’s a solution just out of reach.

Stay bold,


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