Burlington, Vermont Round-Up


Burlington, VT is one for the books (and maps). 

My wife and I have been in Burlington, VT since Friday afternoon. Though we are only here until tomorrow, I wanted to share some of the things we’ve enjoyed doing while here. I spent today feeling super congruent in my outfit and my day in general which felt really very good. Below is a list of places we’d recommend to eat, shop, see, and stay. Enjoy!


We stayed at the Hilton in Burlington. Personally, I loved it. The fire pit outside was so much fun to sit by after a long walk around town. The accommodations are nice and clean. And they have a delicious BLT at their restaurant!


  • My top favorite thing to see in Burlington were the murals out and around town. There are a few that caught my eye, but the one below especially stood-out. I love seeing street art and art in general when I visit places and these murals were fun to just happen by.
Mary Lacy created this majestic hummingbird which has since become a local icon
You can see on the bottom right corner that this mural is by Alex Cook of You Are Loved Murals
  • I also, really enjoyed the majestic views of Lake Champlain. The hotel was basically right across from the lake and it was absolutely gorgeous from sunrise to sunset.




I make it a point to shop locally when I travel. I set a budget for myself for this trip and I’m trying to stick to the “less is more” policy. I’d rather pick up a few things I love than a ton that I like. See below for a list of stores I went to and shopped at.


  • Trinket
    • This store was a total hidden gem I almost walked past. The ladies working there were so lovely and I picked up a few local items including a sticker for my water bottle hand drawn by local artist Jess Polanshek and a pair of earrings made by Island Girl Jewelry.
  • L.L. Bean
    • Though I know this shop isn’t local to just VT, it was fun to visit a brick-and-mortar L.L. Bean because I never have before (and fun fact, this was the first one they ever built). I picked up a new pair of slippers to walk the dog in.
  • Crow Bookshop
    • Ah, a good local bookshop! I always get all the feels when I go to these. Though I only poked around in Crow and didn’t make any purchases, they offer a wide range of books and categories, and I loved the sign out front.

IMG_7975 2.jpg



My wife and I love to eat, and we love good food. We went to two places for dinner and one for coffee/breakfast that especially stuck out. I also stopped at a bakery for a peanut butter cookie that made the perfect pick-me up.

  • Muddy Waters
    • I swear this place would be my second home if we moved here– maybe one day! I loved my latte and especially loved the plants and signs deeming weekends “laptop and tablet free.”


  • Blue Cat Cafe
    • We had dinner here the first night, and though we were both sleepy, I loved the small town vibe and delicious pita that came in lieu of bread.
  • Mirabelle’s
    • This is where we stopped for my cookie! It looked like they had some awesome lunch options which I would be excited to try next time we are in town.
  • Juniper Bar & Restaurant
    • I only took photos of the food we got here because a reader suggested they wanted to see food photos yesterday and I couldn’t believe I haven’t done that yet. You know who you are and let me know if I did a good job. The restaurant is located in Hotel Vermont and had a cozy, wintry vibe. I most enjoyed the glazed carrots with pistachio hummus that we shared.


Tomorrow, we are off to Canada, and at the end of next week I’ll do a round-up (though a much bigger one) of where we stayed, what we ate, and where we shopped!

I love sharing the places I go and adventures I have, especially as a new family. This trip is a mini-moon and I’m really loving celebrating our relationship, as well as making time for me to keep up my routines and relax. I’ve already read two out of the three books I brought with us: Turtles All the Way Down by John Green and R.O. Kwon’s The Incendiaries.

Stay bold,



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