My Planning System for 2019



Hi, all! I wasn’t going to post tonight, but I really wanted to share my planning system with you all for 2019 because we’re exactly one full week into the new year, and I know sometimes it’s hard to find a system that works for you as the days continue to fly by. I picked up my planner after trying so many out there. I literally have spent upwards of $50 to $100 on planners before. I use them for a few weeks and then forget about them, or feel like I “messed up,” or they simply aren’t working for me. A good planner shouldn’t be more work to use. It’s meant to make your life easier, not harder.

I found this planner through my almost sister-in-law. I bought it on Amazon. It’s called InnerGuide and this is the exact one I have, but they also have multiple colors and bindings. I’m going to share a few of my spreads below so you get the idea. One of my favorite parts of this planner are the rooms for prioritized to-do lists and setting an intention for the week. I already feel so much better knowing that I can write things down and I’ll see them, instead of worrying that I’ll forget them or accidentally deleting them in my phone. I use the year-in-review calendars as a way to track my editorial work, both published and submitted. I use the month-in-review calendars as a way to track any major events in the month. I like having a place I know I’ll see all my work (especially because deadlines can get ahead of me and it’s nice to know when I am sending things out and where). I already have things on my calendar in April! Crazy, I know, but it’ll be here before either of us know it.

I hope you find a system that works for you. I’d highly suggesting picking one planner now and sticking with it for a year. That’s my plan, anyhow! I’ve never finished a planner before (or a notebook or a lip balm etc.), but one of my resolutions is actually to do exactly that. I traveled with my planner, something I don’t usually do, and it helped me stay on top of my week, jotting down what I was doing every day (so my blog round-ups for VT and CA are easier), and keeping my routine down. I realized that I am way more likely to do something when I have the gratification of seeing it listed in writing and then get to check it off. Whatever works for you is great, but my InnerGuide planner is definitely something I can see using for the foreseeable future.

P.S., most 2019 planners are on sale right now, so you actually aren’t late in the game to get one. And you can start any time. I’m pretty hard on myself when I feel like I’m doing something later than everyone else or just figuring out something that works for me, but 2019 is the year I stop being so hard on myself and start embracing my way of doing things as the perfect way for me.

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