Montreal Round-Up

Our first breakfast in Montreal (w/ a photobomber I just noticed oops)! This place was across the street from our hotel and had a bomb ham and cheese sandwich.

Hey guys! I’ve been meaning to get a Canada round-up on the blog since we left on Thursday, but I just haven’t. No excuses, just getting it done now. We stayed in Montreal for 5 days and I have to just be honest, it wasn’t my favorite place to be. It was wicked cold and grey the majority of the time, I didn’t love the food, and the hotel we stayed at had terrible customer service. Anyway, I did want to share some of what we did do and enjoy. I know a lot of people love Montreal and I have found memories of it as a child, just maybe not in the middle of winter. Anyway, let’s get into it.


So we stayed at the Hotel Monville (a portmanteau of Montreal and Centreville). The rooms were clean, but super dry because you couldn’t open a window. They had a robot that delivered a la carte items from the grab and go resto, which was pretty cool, and they were dog-friendly. I also enjoyed their breakfast that we had two mornings in a row. Unfortunately, the customer service wasn’t very good and everything took forever to arrive– food, the check, the car from the valet. All in all, I wouldn’t stay there again if I went back to Montreal.

One of the shelves in Eva B. I loved all the cool tchotchkes. 


We ate at a few places, but the most memorable place was the Casino de Montreal at Le Montreal! They actually had a few restaurants in the casino, and the one we chose was pretty delicious. I got a burger the size of my face and my wife really liked her foie gras. Afterwards, we played the slots (which I had never done before) and that was a pretty fun experience.

Something I really loved about both VT and Montreal was all the street art we came across. I really appreciated just walking with no destination in mind and enjoying what art appeared. This is one of my favorite photos I took–I just love the colors. 

The first night, we had Banh Mi (which I love) from BANH MI 79 and it was pretty delicious. We ordered through Foodora and they promptly delivered everything and the pho broth was still piping hot when it arrived.


Indigo Books was a great place to stop and find English and French titles.

I just loved everything about this little shop!

Eva B was a fantastic thrift store find. I almost didn’t go but when I got there I was so happy I did. Walking in, I was offered free popcorn and complimentary cider. The store itself was on the smaller side, divided into two rooms. One of the rooms held solely jackets and jewelry, while the other room was a mix of tops, dresses, and pants. I loved the familiarity of a second-hand shop full of stories that are not mine. I loved being somewhere unfamiliar to me and having such a fantastic time on my own. I would highly recommend visiting if you find yourself in Montreal.

I also wanted to recommend The Shire for an amazing stay in Woodstock, VT as well as The Prince & The Pauper for a delicious meal. We stopped here on our way back to Boston and I couldn’t have been happier about ending our night with a home-cooked meal and a comfy home away from home style inn.

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