Friday Finds

Friday Finds

The crystals I have currently–I am always filtering them in and out of my life, passing them off to friends and family.

I love the end of the week and I especially love honoring the end of the week by thinking of what happened this week, what I did, listened to, bought, shared, etc. I love that I want to share more than just products with you as I realize how much value there is in a favorite podcast, a good meditation, a ritual. If you have anything you’re loving right now definitely share it with me in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to.


Yesterday, I made a point of downloading two apps and using one I had abandoned. I decided to share what those were because they are already helping me and it’s just been one day.

  • Meditation: 
  • Habits:
    • I downloaded a habit tracker called HabitMinder and put four habits on: meditate, affirmation, walk, and floss.
  • Affirmations:
    • I also downloaded an affirmation app called SpiritJunkie by Gabrielle Bernstein and I really love her words + that it’s on my phone, so I can check-in with my affirmation every so often throughout the day.
My HabitMinder app



  • Dumplin’: I’m nowhere near the end of the book, but I’m loving it so far. I’m also excited that there is a movie on Netflix I might get to this weekend. I’ve heard good things.
  • Anything by Mary Oliver, who sadly passed yesterday. I love her and her words have carried me through so many hard times.



  • I’m still loving The Unruffled Podcast as a good end of week friend to sit with, have a cup of coffee, and absorb what creative sober they have on that week.


Power Words:

  • As part of a homework assignment for my first week of Style School, we were asked to pick 5 or 6 power words. These are mine:
    • Omnipresent light
    • Loosen + love
    • Inner guide
    • Turn-in
    • Pride


Things Purchased:

  • These are a few things I’ve been drawn to purchasing this week. I’m trying to be more aware of where I spend my money + how.
    • Sandalwood & Sage: I purchased one small Syd (this beautiful little man) as well as a handmade pillow by Rose (of S&S). Though you can’t find either on her website, you can contact her through DM on Instagram.
    • A crystal set from Jenny Newell which can be purchased here.
    • Though I ordered this a few weeks ago, I think I forgot to share it. I purchased my word of the year from Colleen Attara Studio last year and loved its tangible presence in my home. This year I did the same, but in a new power color! Stay tuned to see it when it arrives. You can order a word of the year here.

I’ll leave you with a little collage of four outfits I wore this week. I am really excited about another round of Style School and highly encourage you to hop on Stasia’s email list to find out about the next school.

All of these outfits gave me a certain power this week and though I picked my power words today, I feel like my words represent these outfits from earlier in the week. I’ve either thrifted most of these clothes or bought them on Poshmark, however the jewelry I’m wearing is made by  Leah Pastrana (earrings) + Megan Auman (circle necklace).

Stay bold,





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