BAW: Interview With Erica Beauregard

This woman is such a beautiful, fantastic seller! (PC for all photos is Erica)

I am so excited to kick this week off with our second interview. I met Erica on Poshmark. She runs a boutique as well as selling some of her personal items. You can find her closet here. I hope you enjoy our interview. I definitely did! It’s also a good resource if you want to learn a little bit more about selling on Poshmark and/or running a Poshmark Boutique.

HS: How did you get started on Poshmark?

EB: As a New Year’s resolution that I was determined to keep, I decided to clear out my closet in January 2016. As someone who loves to try out trends and also experiences all four seasons throughout the year, I had amassed quite a collection of pieces that didn’t get as much wear as they deserved. As soon as I started to post my gently worn clothing on Poshmark and make several spontaneous sales, I was hooked. Having run out of my own items to sell, I decided to focus on boutique items and start building my own brand, “Erica Rose”.

HS: What is a Poshmark boutique? How does it differentiate from a closet on Poshmark?

EB: For an item to be considered a boutique listing, the piece must be purchased directly from the manufacturer and sold to customers for the first time on Poshmark. All boutique listings should be brand new and unused. Although many closets sell “new with tags” (NWT, as it is commonly referred to) items from well-known designers, these listings are not considered to be boutique items unless they come from the original manufacturer.


HS: What is your favorite item you’ve purchased on Poshmark?

EB: My favorite purchase on Poshmark is actually the first item that I ever bought from the app. I got a great deal on a beautiful J. Crew scarf that featured a giant map of Sicily on the fabric. My family is Sicilian and I studied abroad there in 2010, so it has a significant meaning and reminds me of all the great memories I have from my time there.


HS: How do you define your style?

EB: I feel like my style is always evolving, but lately I gravitate towards more classic clothing with trend based accessories. I would define my style as classic with a playful edge. I think that accessories are the simplest way to add excitement to any look and I always try to wear a statement piece, whether it be bold geometric earrings or navy velvet mules.

HS: What are three accessories every woman needs?

EB: Every woman needs a classic leather crossbody purse, a trendy pair of statement earrings, and the perfect pair of neutral heels.


HS: How would you advise getting started on Poshmark as a seller?

EB: Just do it! Easier said than done perhaps, but I’ve found that everything tends to work itself out. You learn as you go. If you’re having trouble navigating the app, find some PFFs (Posh Friends Forever) who can mentor you and give you useful feedback. As a seller, I’ve found that the most important thing is to answer all questions promptly, with the professionalism of a business owner, but also with the kindness of a friend.

HS: What’s your go-to outfit and accessory?

EB: I love a classic Breton stripe shirt tucked into high-waisted denim. I usually accessorize with black leather mules, tortoise-shell statement earrings, and winged eyeliner.

All products in photos can be purchased by checking out Erica’s Poshmark boutique by searching the username @ericarose1989 or by clicking this link:


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