About Me


Currently, enrolled in Style School and giving my fiercest.

It’s never easy to start something, but for me it’s even harder to squash an idea! Hi! If you’re new here, thanks for stopping by and if you’re not, let me just say thank you so much for continuing to be a reader, this is really all for you.

My name is Haley Sherif and I am a nonfiction writer and blogger living in Boston, MA with my adorable puppy, Dom Bean, and my partner, Kit. I’m twenty-five years old and have been writing since I was about 16. I’ve had several blogs since then, both fashion and not, and this passion project was born very recently. I wanted a place that could help uplift and inspire women every single day, because oftentimes my closet has provided me a great source of comfort.

I love bright colors, affordable options, and dressing the body I have. Sans-Sherif was a quirky title my partner thought of and I just ran with it. I think it encompasses all that I want this space to be: sweet, creative, and inspiring. I’ve spent a few years writing very publicly about my journey with recovery from alcohol, but recently I’ve been wanting to step-away from my blog, living inside the grey, and jump back into my favorite topic: fashion.

I’ve loved fashion since I was a little girl. One of my fondest memories, is walking (well, clomping) around the house in my mom’s shoes and pearls. It was so much fun to dress-up and that love hasn’t left me. I feel like sometimes fashion bloggers repeat themselves, all serving up the very same content to their readers. Sans-Sherif is a little different. I’m really trying to focus on making smarter purchases in 2019 and to me that means supporting more women makers and less big brand names. I love a designer hand bag, but at the end of the day, I’d rather have a wardrobe full of bold, well-made, and loved pieces from women makers any day.

I’m queer and I also consider myself to be curvier than the usual fashion blogger. There are some awesome women doing a great job out there, but it’s really hard for me to always see myself in the clothes they are wearing and sometimes it just isn’t an option. Through thrifting, I’m learning to dress my body, belly and all, and copy the trends I see scrolling through Instagram, just in my own way. After all, that’s what personal-style is all about.

If you’re not seeing something covered on my blog or you want to share how you dress your body I would love to have you contribute. I can’t pay you, but I can invite you onto this platform and extend a hand because I know how important it is to include as many perspectives as possible (as well as body types, sexualities, gender identifications). I can only personally speak from my perspective, but I am always seeking other’s who have different experiences than my own to join into the conversation.

Stay bold,